For your ice only.


manna, originally uploaded by genogenogenogeno.

Neighboring businesses rely on one another for a plethora of reasons. Maybe the parking garage next door runs out of one dollar bills to make change with, so they’ll come in and ask if they can trade a [twenty dollar bill] for twenty [one dollar bills]. Or maybe we run out of one’s and ask them in kind. Or a bartender down the street runs out of Tabasco© sauce and then yells to the barback “Hurry down to Peterson’s and see if they have any Tabasco©, I’ve got a party of four waiting for their ‘Slow Burn Martini’s.

And of course there is the age old, “Howdy neighbor, spare a cup of sugar?”, which I had to do one time when we ran out of sugar for our coffee bar and ended up purchasing a few dozen packets from a neighboring establishment until our order came in the next day.

Well tonight we had Rob from the Yamhill Pub stopping in for some bags of ice. The Yamhill buys quite a bit of bagged ice from us, and we are happy to oblige. I think it has something to do with the fact that most people like their drinks cold (duh). Whatever the reason, they are always very grateful that we have a good sized freezer stocked with the stuff, and Rob, as you can see from the picture above, is quite elated about it, and so were we.

Rob has lived in Portland for over 20 years. So I think that qualifies him as a local. Rob works as the door man and also as bartender. He tells me he sends business our way almost every night, and went on to say “Peterson’s is frickin’ awesome!” We think Rob is pretty awesome as well. 

Awesome is good, definitely good.


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