Teresa’s Smile.


Therese, originally uploaded by genogenogenogeno.

Part of the charm of a 24-hour store is the veritable cornucopia of personalities one meets. Peterson’s customers come from all walks of life, and all corners of the world. The Morrison store is located across from the Western Culinary Institute, and many students drop by on their way to and from class.

This is Teresa. She came to Portland from Butte, Montana to study the restaurant business. She found hotel hospitality interesting, so now she’s studying that as well. Eventually she wants to return to Montana to open her own place, perhaps a restaurant or a bed & breakfast. She will go far, I’m sure. (At least as far as Montana…) If her skills match her personality, the Big Sky will be the limit!

Teresa is a big fan of Diet Coke, but she has been known to pick up a bottle of wine on occasion. (Relax Mom, it’s strictly for, ahem, cooking purposes, ahem.) She’s been seen buying candy, but doesn’t need it. She’s plenty sweet enough!


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