Violinist Timothy Horner


Violinist Timothy Horner, originally uploaded by genogenogenogeno.

This talented musician visits our Morrison store frequently. Usually after performing for a few hours around the corner for the waiting Max riders and people passing through. He has soothed my eardrums many a time while on my lunch break, and I always find my state of mental being relaxed and realigned when I return to work afterward.

As part of our mission to promote the local community, we are honored to introduce you to this fine musician. You can usually find him along SW Yamhill, between SW 9th and 10th, across from Art Media and next to The Real Mother Goose.

We are working on a in-depth story on Mr. Horner, complete with music videos that will be filmed in Downtown Portland and vicinity.

Here is a very short test video of him playing the violin. The video had originally been edited and converted to a format that was to be uploaded to Vimeo, however there was some kind of issue with their Database at the time of this writing and the video could not be uploaded to our Vimeo account, so we decided to upload it to Google Video. Not surprisingly, the quality of the video is not so good because Google Video has different parameters for their videos than Vimeo does. But it’s still kinda neat.


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