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Pick up some bread honey.

Although we do not sell loaves of bread, we do sell chances at winning some, and this Saturday’s Powerball Jackpot is NINETY TWO MILLION DOLLARS!!! Can you imagine winning that? Even after taxes that’s a lot of Benjamin’s! So why not drop a buck or two on your favorite numbers. You never know…..

And remember, ticket sales end for Saturday’s drawing at 6:29 p.m. Pacific time.

And if you win, you can buy a bakery. That way you’ll never run out of bread in more ways than one.


Naturally Delicious!


From time to time we will be spotlighting some of the products that we carry in our stores.

On this particular occasion, we would like to turn your attention to a new product from “HOTLIPS”.


Quote from the HOTLIPS Website:

“HOTLIPS Soda is real fruit soda pop. Ripe, fresh locally grown fruit is cooked in open kettles to bring out the flavors, seeds are filtered out (but not fruit pulp), water, pure cane sugar and organic lemon juice are added, it is carbonated and put into bottles. It’s that simple. No small percentages of real fruit. No shortcuts, supplements, artificial flavors, concentrates or trickery. And no corn syrup.

Because HOTLIPS supports local farmers they can stay on their land and farm. Our food is better that way but so is culture, community, land and economy. We have so much to lose if the small farms go away. Not only the delicate, unusual varieties of fresh foods, but the health of land and people, tradition and artistry. We lose habitat, glorious landscape and a sacred relationship to our place. We forfeit the pride and responsibility of stewardship. That’s too big a price.

Throughout the year HOTLIPS captures the tastes of the Pacific Northwest. Early summerstrawberries, then raspberries and blueberries. Late summer boysenberries and blackberries. The nights cool, apples and pears ripen. Flavor nuance in HOTLIPS Soda varies from batch to batch depending on the varietal, the heat of the day and cool of the night. Creating Connoisseurs of the young and old, as they compare batches, seasons, years, equalizing food snobs and kids.”

If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out. This has to be the yummiest soda ever to pass through me lips yo. It tastes like you are drinking pure raspberries or blueberries or whichever you choose.  And the idea of using locally grown fruits and berries as ingredients just makes it taste especially yummy.

Here is a video clip with an interview of one of the co-owners of HOTLIPS, David Yudkin, giving a little 411 about HOTLIPS Soda.  Credit for the video goes to GardenGuy06, producer of the “Garden Time” tv show.

Visit the HOTLIPS Website here.  http://www.hotlipspizza.com